Sigur Rós + Snow

Sigur Rós

It started to snow when we went to see Sigur Rós this past Sunday, which kind of made for a nice backdrop to the band’s ethereal style of music. The next morning we woke up to this:

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I was delighted.

I love snow.

Outside: I put on my Xtra Tufs and walked around in the woods listening to the snow crunching beneath my boots. Finally! Real snow! It snowed and snowed and snowed — huge, beautiful snowflakes. The kitties were allowed to explore the deck for a while but only little Rufus shared my joy in playing in the snow — he ran around making tiny kitty footprints, chased snowflakes, and peered over the balcony to watch the snow fall.

Inside: Rufus resumed watching the magical Spring snowflakes while the hubs and I listened to Sigur Rós (which we determined was the best snow day soundtrack) and cooked up a vat of vegan coconut chia tapioca pudding for breakfast (recipe below). By late afternoon, when the pristine carpet of white turned to gray slush, Sly and I picked up some ingredients from Red Apron Butchery and spent the rest of our (final?) snow day watching The Following on Hulu and eating heaping bowls of slow-cooked cassoulet.

recipe: vegan coconut chia tapioca pudding


adapted from this recipe.
2c almond milk
1/3c organic small pearl tapioca
1c coconut milk
1t pure vanilla extract
1/4c agave syrup (I technically use just under 1/4 a cup because I like things lightly sweetened but adjust according to how sweet you like things)
1/4t salt
1t cornstarch mixed with 1T water
2T chia seeds
1/4c shredded coconut

Part 1: Soak the tapioca pearls in 1c of almond milk for at least 4hrs.

Part 2: In a medium pot add the other cup of almond milk to the tapioca and bring the soaked tapioca mixture to a boil over medium heat. Once the tapioca is boiling, add the coconut milk, agave, and vanilla. Bring to a boil again. Once it has returned to boiling, set the timer for 15 minutes. Stir constantly.

Part 3: After 15 minutes, the tapioca should be translucent and the mixture should be gluey as the starches start to break down. Add the salt, coconut and cornstarch mixed with water. Stir over medium heat for another 5 minutes.

Part 4: Remove from heat after 5 minutes and transfer to a bowl. Mix in the chia seeds, cover and refrigerate for an hour if you like dense pudding or eat right away if you like warm porridge style pudding. Top with nuts, dried fruit and or granola.

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