just cleaned out 5 years worth of emails from my yahoo email account. A lot of messages from Frenchy. It was hard to determine the ones i should keep and the ones i had to let go, especially when he told me in every email how much he loved me.

made me think how the X could never say it–those 3 little words. And how i felt i would explode from not saying them.

found another email from the guy i dated before frenchy. We’ll call him Duchovney. man, if there was ever a stupid boy on this planet, it would be him. I actually emailed him though, since i have this thing for contacted/staying contact w/every guy ive ever gone out with. Will be interesting to see if he writes back.

but sigh. Thought a lot about my relationship w/Frenchy. how passionate and sweet and yet innocent it all was. how much i changed through knowing him and loving him. i figured, I will have that always, within me. Still, I kept maybe 5 of the really special emails.

So many memories. but well over time to let go.

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