1 year anniversary

One year ago today, we brought little Sabine to her new home with us. Our story goes like this: Christine and I, determined to find a cat, attended the Marin County Petfair–a place where a zillion shelters from all over the area brings adoptable pets to…well, adopt. I really wanted an orange tabby, girl of course, and I wanted her to be a year or so older just because I know that cats aren’t adopted like kittens are.

This is Sabine’s very first picture–still in the box from the pet fair.

We walked all around the pet fair and checked out many cats. It was something like Goldilocks–too big, too small, too crazy, not female, etc. Nothing, however, was really striking us as being “our” cat.

Then we happened into a very tiny out-of-the-way booth with a single cage of cats. I noticed a larger than usual cat resting on the bottom of the cage. I thought that, due to its size, it was either a male cat or an older cat. I approached the cage and stared in, poking my finger through the slats to see if I could get the cat’s attention. Cat responded. We were asked if we wanted to see the cat, and after confirming it was a girl, I was allowed to hold her.

The moment I held her in my arms, she just seemed to melt, and immediately she began to purr, as relaxed as ever. I passed her to Christine who held her and instantly fell in love. Yup, this was our cat.

While signing the adoption papers, some crazy cat lady approached Christine to tell her that she had a gift of naming cats. Sabine’s pound name was actually, “Durin” (wtf), so this crazed lady took a piece of paper and wrote what she thought would be a good name for “Durin.” After the lady left, Christine unfolded the piece of paper and discovered the name, “Amberlee.” Uhhh…

We drove Durin/Amberlee home, and not once did she budge during the 45 minutes to the gay (literally) pet store. Instead, she slept quietly, curled up in Christine’s lap, only waking once to squawk at us (we found out later that this was actually her “meow”). At the Lesbian-gay pet store, we were followed around by another crazy cat lady who was obsessed with our cat. “where did you find her? can I hold her?” We were also approached by lesbian couples who gave us a knowing look. “Is this your first cat?” Christine and I weren’t sure how to respond. “Well, uh, no we’ve had cats before, but this is our first one together…I mean, the first one we’ve had as roommates…I mean…we’ve had cats individually, but now that we are roommates…YES this is our first cat.” Thanks to Sabine, we are officially a couple at the Castro pet store.

Sabine had no trouble adjusting to her first day at our house. She didn’t run and hide in a corner, or stay hidden in her box. She just walked around a little, and then took a nap on the couch as if she had always napped there previously. While she slept, Christine and I decided on her new name: Sabine Austin. She’s named after towns in Texas, y’all. Represent.

First day in her new home–and she already owns the place.

She seems so happy.

Sidenote: Sabine’s adoption papers claim her to be a “Black Tabby.” WRONG. We found out soon after that she’s in fact a Maine Coon/Tabby Mix. Which is why she looked so huge compared to the other kittens. And why she has a big ol’ snout, fat racoon tail, and monster claws.

We still love you though, Sabine. We wouldn’t have you any other way.

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  • Twilight
    September 12, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    I love Sabinez!

  • The Gould Family
    September 12, 2007 at 2:19 am

    Happy belated adoption day Sabine!