Beauty Parlour

Ever since Sabine was a little kitten, she has been really good about letting us touch her paws. Every now and then, we do what we call, “Beauty Parlour.” Typically consisting of nail clipping, teeth brushing, bath, and brushing, it has, at times, been used to punish her for being bratty or for being messy with her litter (gross), but most of the times, it’s because our little tomboy needs it. Today we just went with the nail clipping. Sabine does not like what she sees.

Look how long her nails have gotten! Nasty!

I can’t look!

Now she is totally overreacting. Sabine usually is good about this, and will sit patiently in Christine’s lap and purr while we clip her nails. Today she was squirming and whining (yes, whining like a little baby) and causing all sorts of trouble. We would barely touch her paw and she would squeal. Here, she is hiding her head like a little bratty baby.

Hmm…reminds me of someone…I call this picture “Rummy Cat.” It’s an inside joke w/my family–back when my brother was little, he got all pouty when we were playing rummy with him, and totally overreacted by running upstairs to rest his head against the wall. Since then, whenever my brother has run away or been pouty, we call him “Rummy.” This is a side-by-side with my nephew, Jack, who was taking a page from his Dad’s book and pulling the whole Rummy thing himself.

And then we have Sabine…pouty baby Sabine. Guess it runs in the family.

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