Since I’m awake

I’m innocent, I swear!

I’ve been goofing around doing who knows what and now its frickin’ 3am and Sabine is in my room keeping me company. We had quite a scare today with Sabine. This morning, she was being very defiant when I let her outside for her morning stroll. It has been sunny and warm with little breeze (she hates the wind) so when I called for Sabine to come back inside, rather than respond and run in the sliding glass door, she slinked away and hid behind a chair. When I called her again, she stood quiet. The best though, was I saw the little beast slowly peering under and around the chair so that just one eye and her snout were showing. Unbelievable! She was watching me to see if I was watching her because she wanted to stay outside longer!.

Finally, as I was running late for work, I went outside to grab her. I asked her very sternly (she went and hid behind the grill) if she wanted to get attacked by the evil mean-eyed cat, and that seemed to be enough motivation for her to run inside. Kids!

Later tonight, we let her out on the deck again since it was a warm windless night. She explored the deck as usual, and then went to the second step leading to the upstairs deck so that she could see us through the kitchen window. We were watching her through the kitchen window and through the sliding glass door and then the moment we took our eyes off her…she was gone!.
I was upstairs goofing around when one of my roomies came up and asked if I had seen Sabine. I said no. We looked everywhere for her, inside, outside, both decks. I called her name over and over. Usually, when we call her name, she will at the very least respond with a squawk. We couldnt hear anything.

After some time had passed, we all started to get worried. Losing a cat in San Francisco isn’t like losing a cat in the suburbs of Texas. Sabine is scared of traffic and if she somehow found her way from the backyard to the street, I was scared that she would be really disoriented and find her way into the busy street in front of our house. We all split up and searched. I decided to check the backyard, hoping that maybe she was down there hiding behind a tree. As I walked down to the deck belonging to the first floor flat, I noticed a very strange, ragged, beast-like creature peering into our neighbors sliding glass door. I approached slowly, thinking it was some other animal besides a cat. When *it* turned to look at me, I had to literally squint to make sure it was Sabine and not some racoon.

Thankfully, it was. Sabine seemed disoriented, staring into the window of our neighbors place (its an identical lay out to our flat). They had their shades open, and my neighbors watched with amusement as I retrieved my furry little beast. Thanks, Sabine.

The remainder of the night, I gave Sabine the typical Asian mom punishment for bad behavior–aka the silent treatment. Sabine did not like that at all. She meowed and meowed and tried to get my attention by jumping up on the couch and pawing at my arm, but I wouldn’t give in. Finally, she gave up and started playing quietly with her toys before finally passing out in the cutest curled up otter-like position. It was pretty cute.

We forgave her.

And now, she came into my room to keep me company. She found a plastic bag (why does she like these things) and is curled up and sleeping. Weird little Sabine. I swear she is not a cat.

Bag, sweet bag

Time to get some shut-eye after my crazy adventure Mom, do you forgive me for being bad?

(these were taken by my trusty camera phone. Gotta love the easy upload)

editor’s note 11/5/15: not to mention that crappy resolution!

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