lazy Saturday

Saturday. After waiting for you all week. After enduring a miserable Friday. Finally you were here. And even if it rained and rained and rained that was okay because we had hot,  homemade coffee,  Denver omelets,  cuddly kitties,  and hours curled up reading on my old ratty,  cat fur-covered chair. Saturday,  you are going by too fast and I am trying not to think about what lies on the other side of Saturday…Sunday… which means Sunday night… which means that sick feeling that I have not yet been able to shake since my days in Architecture school (that would be the “Oh-crap-it’s-Sunday-night-and-I-have-to-go-to-the-studio-to-finish-up-a-project-while-all-my-friends-are-doing-fun-college-y-things-feeling”). Ugh.Brain, stop jumping ahead and just enjoy this moment.  The light streaming in through the windows.  The fake looking pineapple that seems wrong to be eating in winter (but delicious). My obsessive Pyrex collection (mostly collected and given to me by my mom,  except the brown ones – I found those last weekend at a nearby thrift store). The jar of tree clippings that are super brittle now (and ps our tree is still up,  still lit, still very Christmas-y). My little fuzzy bundles of joy that kept their lazy mama company all afternoon. Our bare white walls that still need to be painted.

I wish Saturdays didn’t have to turn into Sundays, which then turn into the-day-that-shall-not-be-mentioned.

But for now,  while it’s still here,  I’m going to squeeze every last bit of Saturday out of today.  A late night, more reading,  maybe some crappy tv, home cooked burgers and weird-tasting stevia soda, squeezing the kitties, playing fetch with Max, listening to the rain, daydreaming.  Focusing on today,  not tomorrow,  and especially not (ugh) the next day.

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  • funnelcloud rachel
    January 14, 2014 at 7:41 am

    Oh man, I remember that “dreading Sunday night in the studio” feeling from architecture school, too. Ughhhh. Don’t miss it one bit.

    We still have our tree up, too! I like to keep it up as long as possible – January is just too dreary without it.

  • veronika
    January 15, 2014 at 1:57 am

    All these years later and I still have that “Sunday Dread” feeling. Something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of. Just thinking about it on a Wednesday gives me a Pavlovian response.