You woulda thought scb was coming home from 6 months of leave, the way we built up our reunion at the airport. There was no running towards each other, no dropped suitcases and kisses w/one leg bent at the knee. But we did give each other a goofy smile when we saw each other. SCB held and kissed my hand the entire way home.

And he did get me a gift. A coffee mug that says I <3 NY, written all ghetto/grafitti on the front. He told me that he saw so many things he wanted to get me–all random, bizarre things I would have loved–but that they were too expensive just for a gag gift. I agreed. What would I have done w/a commemorative 9/11 figurine? but it was truly the thought that counted. I liked hearing/knowing that while he was all the way in nyc, he was still thinking of me.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by scb saying, “I love you.” It was so loud and so clear, that it frightened me. I pretended to be asleep, but really, I was staring away from him, my entire body tense. Did I actually hear that? Was there more? Did he want a response? I didn’t know what to do, so I played dead until I heard him breathing heavily again.

for a while, I was awake wondering if I had imagined the whole thing, but Im convinced that was not the case. Im also convinced that he was in that inbetween dream/reality state, as he seemed to have absolutely no recollection of it in the morning. SCB talks frequently in his sleep, and I think this was just one of those times.

We spent today just hanging out. Again, scb lured me outside w/the promise of warm 70degre weather. Not even close dude. And I trusted him enough to wear flip flops! Dammit.

Lunch at a Hawaiian restaurant. Then we walked around Laurel Heights. Next went to JCC where I watched him coach his little league bball game. Being in JCC was kind of awkward. I was reading some booklet thing and mispronounced all the jewish words–only to be corrected by scb. embarrassing.

the main shopping area in laurel heights is a cluttering of designer baby clothes stores, mom-to-be shops, and antiques. Thus, the joke was that I was pregnant w/scbs baby–and much to scb’s embarrassment–i made sure everyone around us knew I was “expecting.” funny stuff. Joozy says I shouldnt joke about babies and the like w/guys, as the moment they hear the word (or for that matter, imagine the word), they freak out. But really, it was funny. I would stop at the baby store window and stare in longingly, while saying really loud, “hey scb, do you think this would look good in the nursery?” And whenever scb called me “baby,” I would respond with, “which one?”

after the game, scb bought me an ice cream cone (finally, I got my rum raisin!!!) on chestnut street. we spent the rest of the afternoon lazily walking around, window shopping, going into shops and picking clothes for the other to try on, and reading magazines at the drugstore. scb told me repeatedly that he was having a great time. gaywad.

we went back to his place and watched bball before heading back to chestnut st. to eat dinner. then i dropped him off at a bar and came back home. not really in the mood to go out.

good to have the kid back in town. nice to have him around.

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