Remembering the time it snowed…and snowed…and snowed…and snowed…

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I have mostly been putting off posting anything about Winter, because a)I’m terrible at blogging and b) well, this Winter was a hard one. I have always loved ice and snow and cold but this year I let the weather add to my already growing feelings of dissent, uncertainty, sadness, frustration, discouragement, disappointment, and an overall lack of inspiration. Β It seemed as if it snowed like every other day–and typically not the pretty kind of snow — and if it was not snowing it was sleeting or windy or some other form of crappy weather. There was the Polar Vortex, Bombogenesis, #SnowChi, and after that I sort of just lost track. The Winter was long — literally and figuratively — and it was hard. Not in pioneers crossing the Donner Pass hard, but still tough to get through nonetheless.

Spring is finally here. I think, anyway. We have been enjoying the awesome weather, the blossoms, and the time away from certain life events that I would rather remain forgotten. Winter seems safely in the past now, enough so that I decided to go through some photos taken not too long ago. Photos I have been avoiding because I did not want to be reminded of a time I did not particularly want to remember.

I am the type of (annoying) person that always has a camera around in some form. In between the bigger trips and memories are the smaller moments, captured and stored on my memory cards until the day (often many many months later) I decide to unload them. Whether intentional or subconscious, those captured images great or small have always seemed to really reflect what I am feeling at the time.

It was somewhat surprising then to stumble across these photos and see that Winter was not as dark and gloomy as I so dramatically remembered. Instead these photos were somewhat…hopeful? Is that possible? Was that how I felt? Is that how I feel now? I’m still not quite sure what it was I felt or am feeling, I’m just comforted to know that I documented some happy (hopeful) moments and when all is said and done that these are the memories that will remain of those frigidly cold Winter months.

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