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campfire muffins

These are the blueberry muffins referred to in my previous Corbin Cabin posts. When I first heard about this recipe, I thought that it was a joke. Cooking with rocks? It was too curious not to try. I took notes from various YouTube instructional videos, but realized in making the muffin-cake that I really didn’t need much instruction at all. The directions are nearly fool-proof: if you can add water to a mix and throw it in a container over some heat, then you’ll pretty much find yourself with a warm muffin cake.


  • 1 bag of pre-made muffin mix, the kind that says “just add water”
  • Water

Equipment needed:

  • 1 pot (any fire-proof container works)
  • tin foil (fold some tinfoil and stash with your cooking things)
  • rocks
  • heat source (fire, camp stove, candle)

– Add water to muffin mix according to directions. Stir.
– Place a layer of rocks at the bottom of the metal pot/cup
– Line the pot with tin foil, placing the foil on top of the rocks. Pinch the edges to create a little bowl.
– Pour in the muffin mixture and fold over the edges of the foil
– Cover and place over heat
– Cooking times vary depending on how hot the fire is and how big your container is. I poured the entire mix into the pot shown and cooked it over a medium high flame. It took approx 45 min to cook through (stick a toothpick or similar utensil in and make sure it comes out clean, not wet). If I had cooked the muffins in two batches or in smaller containers, it would probably have taken half as long. The muffins will cook, just be patient.
– As an alternate, these can be cooked in orange peels by mixing the muffin mix with water, filling a scooped out orange peel, wrapping in tin foil and placing on the fire.

The last photo doesn’t look too appetizing because it was pitch black when I took the photo, but trust me, the muffin thing was tasty.

The idea behind the rocks is that they distribute the heat so that the muffin cake doesn’t burn. I have no idea if this is just a gimmick or if it actually worked. I’m sure you could just put the mix in an empty can, cover it, and throw it on the fire and you’d get similar results. Evenso, having warm bread out in the “wilderness” felt like such a luxury that I’m sure we’ll be making this again, probably with our own home-made muffin mix.

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