raclette night

April 9, 2006

Christine and I were bored on a Friday. Plus, it was raining like crazy. So we decided to break out the Raclette and do a lil’ bit of cooking. For those who don’t know, raclette refers to the type of cheese used. It’s a variation of Fondue, where instead of melting cheese in a pot, you melt it in individual trays, and pour it on top of potatoes, vegetables, etc. There is a grill on top of the machine for grilling whatever. As the box says, “you can make it your own way.”

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Asparagus, ham & cheese, bread, raclette

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 The spread. Who knew Cornichons were so photogenic.

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Could this pose be any more awkward?
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Eddie and Steve enjoying relaxed conversation around the fire, and making it their own. Actually, I think Steve is getting pissed b/c his creation is failing miserably.
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christine has a combover, and I look like a clown. Yup. Typical Friday night for us.

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