quick updates

New years was crazy. Not necessarily crazy in a party sort of way (all though it was some of that) but crazy in that the weather was insane. High winds. Pouring rain. Floods. Mudslides. Rockslides. Blizzard. Ice. All rolled into one weekend. But, I had a great time. And C and I determined that Tahoe is a gold mine for potential boy toys, as we met, or I should say, encountered, quite a few. Specifically Lex and Rockstar. More on them later…

Today is the Canadians birthday. Happy birthda our very own Veronica Mars.

I’m leaving tonight to fly to LA for the Rose Bowl. I’m going to call in sick and take tomorrow off to see the game, then fly back on Thurs morn. That, in itself, is pretty impressive. But even more so was C’s midnight purchase of tickets to LA to party w/me and my sis. Like she literally bought the tickets 12 hrs ago to go on a flight in 4 hrs. Awesome. Like I said…we back.

And most unexpected event of today was this punky/emo kid hitting on me at starbucks. He works there, so I see him all the time. This is the first time he’s ever talked to me. It was kind of weird bc he talked to me like we were BFF. I was seriously taken aback. Must pursue this one further, as punky boy who potentially in alt rock band is on my list of guys yet to date.

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