say you went to a wedding in early june. sent the happily married couple a check a few weeks later for a pretty decent amount (this point is irrelevent).

what is the timing on a thank you?

i mean i get it i get it–married people, people with babies, we get you are busy. we get you do not have time to be friends the way you were in high school or college or and young singles, but does it also mean you cant write your friend–who traveled all the way to see you at your wedding, who only had 5 minutes of (understandable) alone time to say congrats–a simple note of thanks? A simple email to say we got your card. At the very very least?

is it incredibly naive to think that as adults, we can be mother/father, wife/husband, and friend? Or is that as idealistic as hoping for a prince charming? Shouldnt we expect more out of people rather than less? Obviously circumstances change, and there are times you have to pick and choose, but does that mean you can’t be all those things?

same ol’ argument, different spin.

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