i really do not want to pack.

or work.

or go to this stupid class thing tomorrow.


today me and gisele goofed off at work, procrastinating the inevitable. We both hid in my cube and giggled as people walked by wondering where we were. Then we popped up our heads, and in whispered tones, talked about boys and ate dark chocolate. I showed her all the weird people on match who wont leave me alone, and some of the normal ones. sometimes its fun being girly and feeling as if you are having a slumber party–even if it’s only for a short while.

The Canadian is having a hoot with this whole dating crap. As he says, its better than reality tv. He also told me that I dont look the same in any of the pictures he’s seen of me. And that my pictures dont look like how I do in real life. At first I thought that was a good thing, considering I hate pictures of myself and intentionally try to be a dork (not very hard)–but then he said that my pictures were actually pretty good and that when he first saw me, he was taken aback bc i looked so different in real life.

umm…thanks canadian.

upon further explanation, he clarified that it was not a bad thing, just an apples oranges thing. And that the first time he saw me, i looked like a 1950s movie star. weird. I guess it was thanksgiving. and i was wearing red lipstick.

shrug. who knows.

anyway, we decided to email one guy back. the canadian has kindly deleted & responded about 90 other guys, telling them “no thanks.”

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