every morning: wake up early. dick around on computer. am late for work. whatever. Im employee of the month. I figure they cant really fire me until february, right?

boring update:
yesterdays workout involved —
45 min kickboxing (wasnt exactly loving the class, for one, the instructor was staring at himself way too much in the mirror while he punched the air…weird)
15 min of pushups and situps (nonstop)
1 mile tempo run on treadmill (surprisingly not too hard)

for the first time, i really have 0 fitness goals. Im just doing it to do it, which I guess means I’m “doing it for myself,” which is pretty much a first.

oh and I have one mini resolution: try something new/out of comfort zone each month. there is thisΒ  “pole dancing” class that meets mondays and wednesdays. Its pretty fucking scary looking considering the girls in there wear full-on stripper shoes (????)–still…curious…it would accentuate my trademark porno face…

sidenote: anybody catch THE HILLS on MTV last night? God almighty that dude Spencer is ugly. Why do girls like not just douchebags, but UGLY douchebags?

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