printers & pots

I’m not the most organized person, I’ll admit. I also have a hard time sorting between what I need and what I don’t. But, after this move, I have wanted nothing more than to just get rid of everything I have and start over. I *thought* NG was in agreement with me. He kept telling me how he didn’t have any thing to pack, how he wants to just keep one set of pots, plates, etc. Well, too bad he seemed to move with everything under the sun. All the things he was planning on sorting through or giving away, have somehow made it to our house.

One example: his pots and pans. I purchased a $1200 set of pots so that we could get rid of the crap. He knew this before moving out, yet, what did I get to unpack? 3 LARGE boxes of pots and pans. When I asked him if we could get rid of these pots, he got pissed. Logically, we do not need 5 sauce pans as we only have 4 stove burners. After about an hr of moping, he said we should pack it up and give it away (one pan, btw, had a hole at the bottom). His excuse for wanting to keep the pans was that he has had them for a long time and is sentimental about them. Ok, I am an extremely sentimental person. I understand being sentimental over like an ugly figurine, but pots????

We had a similar experience with his tupperware. Its not even real tupperware, its the disposable kind. I wanted to get rid of all of it and buy a set where the lids and bases match or snap together. He didn’t want to be “wasteful.” I said we’ll only keep ones where we can find the lids (btw, whoever did the packing for him, sucked). So we sifted through all the tupperware (an ENTIRE BOX) and filtered out about half. Everytime he found a top to a base, he would show me proudly, “look, see, this one goes with this” and put it in the keep pile. The irony of all this is, HE NEVER USES TUPPERWARE. EVER. HE IS OBSESSED WITH PLASTIC ZIPLOCS SO I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM USE TUPPERWARE, NOT EVEN FOR SOUP.

When one of my friends came to visit, I tried to put things in the kitchen that I wanted him to take downstairs into our basement/utility room(this is not the same as the spare room). One of these things was a printer that his dad gave him. It was in a box, sealed, and he had said that he was going to give it away or sell it before moving. Guess it made the trip cross country. Anyway, instead of putting it downstairs, he waited for me to go to class, and when I came back, instead of cleaning as he was planning on doing while i was at class, I find him at the computer, and TWO printers on the table. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he wanted to set up the other printer. I said, “do you think we need another printer? we already have 2.” He said, “one can be color, one can be black and white.” ?????????????????

We decided to keep my printer bc it prints large format. Its also a very high quality printer, even if its rather old. It’s also half the size of the other 2 printers. I asked him where we were going to put THREE printers. And then he said he could get rid of one of them.

This is making me crazy. Every time I attempt to clean, unpack or organize, he goes back in and unpacks, uncleans and unorganizes. His definition of unpacking, btw, is literally just that: open a box. Empty contents. Leave contents where they are, or even worse, get one of the contents out, and start fiddling with it.

I looked at one of his boxes in the living room and it consists of 50% tangled cords, some broken plastic stuff, a russian stacking doll, and some work out gloves. And like 400 lbs of paper.


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