Post Tony Bourdain — @ Fisherman’s Wharf teaching Steve Mars the ropes.

A rare warm, no hot, day in San Francisco. After meeting Anthony Bourdain, we went to the North Beach Fair, and then walked on to Fisherman’s Wharf. Even though Steve lives in the city, he just has no clue. We had to show him the ropes. As usual.

We also had to teach Steve Mars how to blow a bubble. No, I am not joking.

Christine and I take over the little playhouse eating our ring pops. I look like i have glass eyes.

So gay, but it had to be done.

THERE’S the porno shot I was after. Steve looks constipated. I have my typical porn face. And Christine is like a little baby.

I never met a photo booth I didn’t like. The musee mecanique has the best photo booth ever. It makes you look as if you are in the 60s or something. And that’s Steve’s ass. Because we also had to teach him how to take a picture in a photo booth. (For the record, it’s Steve’s Ass, serious, scary and silly. More like ugly, weird, ugly and fucking frightening).

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