1. we might not get the place. the realtor is being a douchebag. we’re going to apply just for kicks. Im not terribly disappointed, moreso by the fact that I was hoping this finding an apartment thing would just be fucking over already.

2. work is so stressful. they want a fucking miracle. Im really just one person.

3. i wish I were a stunt double. that looks like a ton of fun.

4. did I mention that people are *STILL* pestering me about DJ. They think that since he is now working at a new job, that we are able to get our relationship out in the open. Its all relative though. I havent hung out with him ever since I took a cab home from his friend’s bday. Napa was the first weekend in months that we spent time together and even though there was a third party present, we are all of a sudden the toast of the town. People keep asking me about him, and I lie and make up fantastic stories like how he just got back from climbing mount everest, etc. The funny thing is, one of my coworkers ran into him by accident one day and asked him all about his happy life that I contrived for him. I find that quite amusing for some reason. ~~~ Even at the Americano, my colleagues who are in the know kept pressing for us to get together. Why is it that people think its that simple. Just b/c we are a guy and girl who happen to get along and have a natural chemistry, then all of a sudden we are soul mates. I will admit we have many uncanny similarities, but I could never be with him at this stage in his life. I dont ever think about it. It has never crossed my mind.

5. The same goes w/zakk. People think we are more than friends. sigh. people can be so dumb and simple-minded.

6. Another funny story that is somewhat related: I sent out pix from memorial day weekend. Included on the recipient list were my exes. I think they thought that my sisters boyfriend was actually my boyfriend. The pictures did look strangely double datey. And there really arent any gay shots of my sis and her bf. Again–amusing to me.

7. To end–a quote. Something I read today before work:

Life cannot be neatly ordered. Things are thrown at you, good things, bad things. You can never be certain how they will turn out. There are no guarantees. But there are no guarantees of second chances either. Remember that.

It ties in nicely with this weeks theme: Russian Roulette. I have been using the term “russian roulette” as an analogy for so many things lately.

*Next topic of discussion: Russian Roulette and how dating is like finding an apartment.*

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