part 2


topped off my bday with dinner at Quince w/the roomies and DJ (who I really didnt think was coming). Pretty swanky place. We were easily the youngest (probably the only people in there w/out fur coats) and most annoying people in there, not to mention the loudest. Yeah, we basically shut the place down. Nothing too crazy. No weird moments where 9 thousand people I dont know stare at me as I open gifts and someone takes random shots. Pretty low key except for all the inside jokes/stories we exchanged. Feel bad though–basically DJ spent like $300 on my birthday between presents, lunch and dinner…and hes just my coworker…who Ive known for 2 months…Man, imagine what it must be like to be his girlfriend…world would be your fucking oyster. All in all, it was a good time. Intimate and bizarre at the same time–just the way I like it.

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