part 2 of the madness

Today became even more strange. At 4pm, I went head to head with the new girl and then gathered up The bulldog and left the office.

We got on the bus we nicknamed “the Hades express” as it did not follow the route at all. The bus meandered through all of downtown without explanation, finally stopping 19 blocks from my house.

I got off at the same stop as the bulldog since I was meeting up w/my roomie to view another place. The bulldog advised me to be careful since its been such a weird day, and to make sure that me and my roomie tied ourselves together with rope in the event that some strange mystical happenings occurred in the victorian building that prevented us from getting out. Then, in parting, he told me to “stay alive.” It really has been *that* kind of day.

Anyway, this is the place we are now looking at. Its smaller for sure, and quirky in that old building way. But…

IΒ haveΒ always wanted to live in a Victorian. In San Francisco…

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