Pandora the Gardener

Our new aerogarden blends 2 things that Pandora loves: water and greens. When we first plugged it in, she could not get enough of it.

We always joke about Pandora being a vegetarian. Most cats tend to like green things–like houseplants–but Pandora takes it up a notch. Once, we had a bowl of peaches sitting on the table. 5 minutes later, I found one of the peaches on the floor with cat teeth marks in it. She will also stuff her face into a bag of sugar snap peas, pull out a pea, and gnaw on it.

Like many cats, she loves running water. She has been known to sneak into the bathroom and sit between the shower curtain and the curtain liner, while staring. Creepy.

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  • kevin
    March 18, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    She would probably love a DVD of Old Faithful. Niagara Falls on disc would make her drool…

    Keeping good thoughts…