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Phuket | Monkey Cave Temple | Wat Tham Suwan Khuha

Phuket | Monkey Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suwan Khuha)
Phuket | Monkey Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suwan Khuha)

If you’re ever in Thailand, in particular, Phuket, you’ll no doubt be lured by the many animal-focused tourist activities to partake in. Ride an elephant through the jungle! Take a photo with a tiger at a “tiger sanctuary“! Watch elephants perform at Fantasea! As animal lovers, we immediately knew that the latter two options were a definite no. “Elephant tourism,” on the other hand, including riding/bathing elephants, straddled more of a gray line (to be discussed in a much later post). There were elephant camps in Phuket, but according to a friend who had just visited, they were quite expensive. Our other options seemed like tourist trap elephant ride type places that cared very little for the elephant’s welfare. Ultimately, due to lack of research and interest, we decided to avoid anything elephant-related, sanctuary or otherwise.

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Books | My Summer Reading List

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I haven’t updated this blog with my books of the month in a while partly because those posts are rather laborious to compose and also because I was boring myself. So let’s try something different! Instead of my usual list of monthly reads, here’s the highlight reel of what I’ve been reading this summer, and what is on my summer reading list.

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Notes | So Far this Summer

I have a habit of disappearing from my blog every summer and it’s not necessarily because my schedule is jam packed. Or at least it usually isn’t. During the summer months, I like to hunker down, take a break, and besides the occasional beach trip, stay out of the sun. This summer was different. Our summer kicked off with a trip to Laos over Memorial Day and was followed by traveling around Mongolia for the majority of July. Continue Reading


Phuket | Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island

Phuket | Phang Nga & James Bond Island

We normally try to avoid tourist hotspots, but in Phuket it’s practically unavoidable. At some point, you’re sure to find yourself on a potentially crowded boat headed to either Phi Phi Island or to James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay. Once you arrive, you’ll be dumped off on an over-crowded beach with a million other tourists taking millions of selfies of the exact same thing.

In other words, Phuket is in many ways a victim of its own beauty.

Like the boat loads of tourists before and after us, we set out on a day trip to explore the stunningly beautiful – and well-traveled – Phang Nga Bay. 

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Phuket | The Senses Resort

Phuket | Sensa Hotel

I know I’ve mentioned it a million times on this blog, but we aren’t really resort people. Not that there’s anything wrong with resorts, I can certainly see their appeal. In general, we have very simple tastes. We don’t need massive breakfast buffets, porters, satellite TVs, or concierge services. And we especially don’t need a minibar that charges $13 for a can of cheap domestic beer.


We found a really great last-minute deal on a pool suite at The Senses Resort in Phuket and since we were celebrating our anniversary, we thought it was as good a time as any to go crazy…

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Phuket | Street Food, Night Markets, and Bangla Road

Phuket | Street Food, Night Markets, and Bangla Road

I’m *finally* getting around to blogging about our trip to Thailand! I can’t promise that these posts won’t be sporadic (they most likely will) or that they will include any useful information (they probably won’t), but sometimes the point is to just start, right?

So, excuse these upcoming grainy camera phone photos because sometimes a real camera is the last thing you want to carry around while roaming the busy, hot, sticky streets of Phuket.

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Kuala Lumpur | Staying in an Airport Container Hotel

kuala lumpur | airport container hotel

Why would anyone sleep in a cargo container?

As budget travelers, we often find ourselves traveling off season, on off days, and at all hours of the night. Sometimes this means long airport layovers while connecting in international terminals. Sometimes it gives us the perfect opportunity to get a taste of a city IF we happen to be traveling during the day, IF there’s enough time between connections and IF the airport is reasonably close to the city. But most of all, it means we sleep in some pretty interesting places.

Like pay-by-the-hour airport container hotels.

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Books of the Month | April

Our main computer is currently under repair which has given me an excuse to fall behind with some of the blog posts that I had scheduled for this month, including this one.

At the end of March/start of April we traveled to the Philippines for a last minute getaway and to celebrate Sly’s birthday. I brought two books with me: one that I thought was going to be a thriller (His Bloody Project – reviewed last month) , and another end-of-the-world sort of guilty pleasure (The Last One), and read them over the course of several nights while laying in a dimly lit room under a tented mosquito net. When we returned from our trip, my sister came to visit for a couple weeks. In between all of our excursions, late nights watching crappy tv and eating buckets of Korean fried chicken, I managed to squeeze in time to read a few books. I didn’t read as much this April as I have in previous months, but I would say that this amount of books is more indicative of what I read on an average monthly basis, with or without visitors and travel plans.

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