Our first dinner party

Getting ready for tonight's dinner party. #onthetable #wine #cheeseandcrackers #tablescape

Never mind that we still have our Christmas tree up or that we still have a bunch of boxes in our donate pile that require sifting through. We figured that with enough wine and food that these things would be overlooked.

It’s been over a year since we moved into our house and it was time to finally have some friends over for dinner. As usual, Sly did all the prepping and cooking while I offered moral support in the form of “do you need anything to drink?” Once our friends arrived we tapped into the wine, ate tons of cheese + crackers, more wine, and then onto the main course: Sly’s homemade spicy cioppino chock-full of all kinds of fresh seafood.

We retired to the living room post-dinner to rest up a bit before tackling the crockpot apple cobbler (known as “apple crisp, even though there’s no crisp) and some dessert liquor. After a whirlwind of eating and drinking I started to feel a bit hot and light-headed (aka drank too much) so I went upstairs and maybe took a little nap while sitting on the cool tile floors of our master bathroom. Then I shook it off, rallied, and returned to the living room for more wine and convo. That’s the mark of real friendship: when you act like a weirdo and nobody says a word.

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