on today’s menu

Breakfast: Medium cup of iced coffee w/nonfat milk
Lunch: 1 cube of meltaway chocolate and bottle of water
Snack: 1 more chocolate cube that I ravenously stuffed in my face after snatching it from co-worker’s desk in time of stress.
Dinner: 1/2 chik-fil-a sandwich, 1/2 order of waffle fries, and approximately 6-9 chik-fil-a chicken nuggets (C worked in Sacramento today and brought back the much-needed surprise treat).
Dessert: Watermelon (yellow) slices

(strangely, I feel quite full, but that could be bc my level of tiredness has overpowered any level of hunger)

prognosis: day started off shitty, finished not so bad. I had a feeling though–yesterday was kind of a lucky work day, so I figured today would balance out the lucky day with a day of excessive fire drills. I was right. Today was so crazy that I kind of went to my happy place in my brain, and strangely, that visualization technique worked.

sidenote: I am (finally)reading the book, Eat, Pray, Love. It probably inspired 90% of this post.

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