on my way to dc

well…we found out today that NG didnt get the job he had been interviewing for the past couple of months. It’s extremely disappointing given that they led him to believe that not only did they want to hire him, but they wanted to create a position for him based on his skills. When they flew him out for the face-to-face, and interview that was supposed to last 3 hours, ended up lasting the entire day. He met with everyone, and they even took him out to lunch.

As of last week, they were supposedly just checking references. Today, we found out they decided to pass on hiring him.


I know first-hand that you cannot rely on anything anyone says or does as indication that you will be hired, but still, there are usually some common practices that signal things are in your favor. Fucking ridiculous.

Most of all, we are just really disappointed. We had hoped to use our time off from work to get his things together in dc and then prepare to move out. Maybe its better this way though. Now we don’t have to hurry along the process, and if he moves, we can do it more on his time than mine. At the end of the day, even tho it sucks to have something so close and within reach no longer an option, I guess its just one job out of many.

So I’m off to DC. I bought a one-way ticket not really knowing what the plans were (pending this job we were planning a cross-country road trip). I might still go home to Houston for a bit to see the mom before heading back out at the end of April to start my new job. Sucks NG wont be coming with me, but I guess nothing to do but keep trying.

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