oh hells no


with my mgr leaving, as well as the old director, not only have I had to put up w/a not-so-knowledgeable new director, but manage all of my boss’ projects AND delegate work to this one contractor who was hired for coding purposes.

Today, as I was teaching him (again) how to do something, he asked me about my mgrs job. I was like oh ya he did this and that, but its not like I know the scope of what he did or the meetings he attended. Then he goes, “wellll…because Im thinking of applying for his job.”

So tell me how that works. I train you. So you can manage me? You havent even fucking mastered what I trained you to do. Plus, what I trained you to do is like 1/16 of what *I* do on any given day. And now youre gonna fucking tell me that you want to manage me. I was like, um well, i guess if you like meetings, sure apply for the job. Then he has the balls to say, “well, I like to delegate work, and manage stuff.” Yeah dude, who doesnt. News flash. You need experience to do so. And it also wouldnt hurt to have a college degree or if you had a resume that showed that you worked for real companies, not fucking companies that you and your friends made up so you could have sweet titles. And it also wouldnt hurt if I didnt have to meticulously art direct you for every fucking project.

Couple minutes later, he asks me how much he should ask for, salary-wise. First get the job. Then worry about the salary. You fucking kidding me?

Are you fucking kidding me.

Here’s the thing. It is true I want to leave, and its true that I’m looking for other work and that I don’t exactly love my job there especially now that there has been a shift in management. But so help me God if this guy is going to fucking manage ME. Over my dead fucking body. Nice guy, but oh hell fucking no.

Not on my watch.

Armed with this info, my coworker and I are planning our counter-strike.

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