Introducing Pandora

Since I’m in DC away from Fatty, I’ll post her sit-in soon-t0-be buddy, Pandora. Pandor is Sly’s cat–and is the exact opposite of Sabine.

First, she is a very compact kitty, witha slim pointy tail and cat-like feline features and dainty paws. She also is very quiet–rarely does she meow. Instead, she has the cat equivalent of a mumble. Whenever she wants something or is playing, she’ll grunt or mutter–never shriek or meow like Sabine.

It took her a while to warm up to me, but now that she has, she follows me around the apartment, sleeps with me in bed, and cat mumbles to me when she wants something.

But like every cat, she has her bad qualities. One thing she loves to do is knock things off counters, tables, etc. Everything is fair game. Whenever we wake up in the morning, there are tons of items littering the floor–things that she knocked off during the night. That being said, the one very bad quality about her is that she jumps on everything. Sabine knows better than that (she tries, but gets in serious trouble and will never do it in front of us), but Pandora jumps on my keyboard, steals my pens, sits on my papers, knocks over glasses from the table…sweet…but bad.

She likes to run through the blinds when she wants attention.

My nickname for her is “noodle paws”

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