Notes on: Valentine’s Day

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– One of my best pre-hubby Valentine’s Day was shared with fellow single friends, eating BBQ and watching crappy movies.
Our first Valentine’s Day together as a couple Sly and I went to Yosemite and ate Vday dinner at the Ahwahnee.
– While digging through some old blog archives, I found this gem.
Last Vday we ate Shabu Shabu at a nearby restaurant. It must have been pretty warm because I was wearing sandals (?!)
– I hate getting boxed chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers and I hate the color pink. I’m just not that type of girl. (I’ll take cards + jewelry though.)
– I also hate conversation hearts. Who eats those?
-Same goes for chocolate covered strawberries.
– Speaking of which, I think the only time I ever ate chocolate covered strawberries was on the last day of our honeymoon (gift from hotel).
– This V day there is lots and lots and lots of snow. We had a snow day yesterday and Sly and I had snowball fights and built a creepy snowman
– So Sly got me a snowboard for Vday (to replace the TWO lost/stolen in the world’s worst move ever. Grrr.) Best Vday gift ever.
– We are planning on snowboarding this weekend if we can dig our way out of all this snow. Fingers crossed.
-4 years + 1 day ago we got engaged

happy valentine’s day!

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