Notes on the past weekend


It’s been a hallacious past month, work-wise. I’ve become one of those people who falls into the category of "I’ve been so busy, that I couldn’t (insert excuse/complaint/important event here)." 

The past month, I have been working 10-15 hrs days, and then been ‘on call’ during the weekends. A blast, I tell you. An absolute blast. Can I just mention how much I hate this fucking economy? It has brought out the worst in people. Work 15 hr days? Well, be happy you have a job! Take on more responsibility? Well, you need to make yourself valuable! Take a pay cut? Well, at least you have a salary. Luckily, I haven’t been forced to take a pay cut, but it seems like anything goes in this economy, and I should be happy that I get paid to have people treat me like shit. Go Team!

So that’s my excuse for my month+ long absence. In case anyone was wondering or reading.

The past 2 weekends, we had plans for Tahoe — we never made it there. Instead, we’ve been using the weekends to decompress and hang out at home in a near-vegetative state (although I guess reading the kindle isnt very veg-like…i digress, the point is that we are homebodies).

Some notes on a relatively insignificant weekend

– hung out with old roomate from years and years and years ago. Long story.
– ordered take-out, caught up on DVR’d tv, typical night at home

– brunch at Manor Coffee Shop in West Portal
– shopping at the White Elephant rummage sale in Oakland (huge warehouse filled with all kinds of stuff…we only ended up buying records)
– listened to records bought at rummage sale
– visited Cheese Boutique in our neighborhood, purchased several cheeses, crackers, olives, sparkling water, and then went for a hike in Glen Canyon. Found a grassy knoll on a hill and had a little picnic
– got wasted on wine
– stumbled home
– listened to records
– passed out
– woke up and ate pizza at midnight

– Ate peppercorn crab and garlic noodles — late lunch
– Chilled out in our rarely -used, but super sunny front room/study and edited photos while the boy played video games. Both the cats came in the study to be with me. I love those 2 beasts.
– Walked to eggettes to buy some waffle/eggettes and some boba
– watched Pineapple Express (dumb)

this hr daylight savings is killing me. the only good thing is that when I go home, it will actually be light for once…I hope.

Peru update/backtrack, coming soon.

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