notes from last weekend

Anyone for a game of #checkers?Roadside country #marketWatching the snow, keeping warm with hot lattes in old town #winchester

In the search of a winter farmer’s market, we took a day trip to Winchester, VA. First stop was the Apple Tree Market which was so cute and had the friendliest people ever running the shop. We were on the hunt for fresh produce, but the shop was filled with so many wonderful temptations: all sorts of locally canned and pickled items, honey, syrups, local eggs and milk, and fresh baked goods. After stuffing our bags with veggies and pickled goodies, we explored Old Town Winchester. It was windy and freezing cold and also starting to snow a bit, so we tucked into a warm little coffee shop, grabbed a window seat, and enjoyed an afternoon of lattes and reminiscing about old high school teachers.

I know I keep saying “cute” but Winchester is the cutest little storybook town I’ve ever seen. Like Old Town Alexandria without all the traffic, tourists, and popped collars. It’s chock-full of history, has a ton of sweet little mom-n-pop shops and awesome original retro diners (so many!), and is surrounded by apple orchards. We cannot wait to come back when the weather is just a tiny bit warmer so we can brunch at Amherst Diner, stroll along Main Street like a proper yuppie couple, and stuff our faces with burgers from Snow White Grill and dessert from Red Fox Creamery. We have already mentally planned a summer of movies at the local drive-in movie theatre, weekends of vintage shopping (a total goldmine) and wine tasting, and a Fall of festivals and apple picking.

Winchester, we’ve got big plans for you.

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