New Zealand | West Coast Road Trip

We had a bit of drama with our camper van. After lunch in Franz Josef, we walked back to the campervan to change into our usual jeans and flip flops…and I noticed that one of my flip flops was missing. We tore through the entire van, looking everywhere, before wondering if somehow the poor flip flop had fallen out of the van. What is it about campervans that is conducive to losing stuff – at least my stuff? In Hawaii, somewhere along the Road to Hana, I lost two pairs of shorts. We *think* that they somehow (???) fell out of the van at some point when we opened the back, but it still didn’t make sense–all of my clothes were in the front of the van… It seemed as if the curse of missing clothes in a campervan followed me to NZ. Most normal people would have just left the stupid flip flop, but the thought of just having 1/2 of a pair of flip flops was too annoying for someone as OCD as me, so poor Sly backtracked until we miraculously found the other shoe. In case you were wondering – it was in the parking lot of the cafe. I don’t get it.

After flipflopgate, we were back on the road, on another road trip up the Western Coast.

Below: me before realizing my shoe went missing.


This strip of the coast reminded me a lot of driving along the Northern California Coast with all the cliffs and crashing waves (and the slight chill in the air). Supposedly, this part of the coastline tends to have bad weather…guess we lucked out again. There were tons of sand flies though, even with the wind.

Doesn’t this look like Northern Cali? West Coast represent!


We pulled over in Paparoa National Park and took a quick hike to the Pancake Rocks. A combination of underground drainage along with the dissolving action of rainwater on the soft limestone created formations that look as if the rocks were made of wafer-thin pancakes scrunched together.


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