New Zealand | Queenstown – Kawarau Bridge

We arrived in Queenstown in the early morning and contemplated pulling over on the side of the road and just ‘setting up camp.’ We read that most people do this to try to avoid steeply priced and overcrowded holiday parks. The truth was, we couldn’t find the holiday parks, and the one we did find had a complicated entrance/method of registration. After an hour or so of driving around on already limited patience, we finally found a lone spot at a holiday park, and immediately passed out.Needless to say, we had a late morning, barely making it out by checkout after showering and all that. One good thing about the holiday park is that we were able to book a lot of our reservations through them, whereas previously, we drove into town, checked for internet, logged onto our netbook using the world’s slowest internet, and did the booking ourselves. We opted for convenience at this point. Internet, even at a holiday park, was for the most part slow and miserable, and not really worth the cost or frustration.Queenstown – another beautiful city, but I’m convinced NZ only has beautiful cities (except Bluff, which was pretty busted in the downtown area at least). And, while in Queenstown, why not act like Queenies…BUUUUNNNGGGYYYYY


My fake grimace

fake scared smiledragging him down with me

Dragging Sly down with me – welcome to our marriage, Sly!

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Queenstown was and still is the birthplace of all kinds of crazy extreme sports, and you can do any multitude of these while visiting. Neither Sly or I had ever been bungy jumping before, and we figured what better place to do it than at the site of the world’s first bungy jump…together. I’m usually pretty wimpy about these things, and the old dude on the bridge asking me constantly if I was scared didn’t help, but actually, it wasn’t bad at all. Jumping off the ledge was the most daunting thing because it felt so unnatural, but after that, it was amazing. Totally felt like flying, and not at all scary. I’m really glad Sly and I were able to experience it together.

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