New Zealand | Coromandel Peninsula

Our good luck/bad luck continued.

– stayed at an amazing holiday park
– finally ate good fish and chips from out of a food truck
– met another cute kitty
– watched weird nz talent shows on the flat screen tv in the holiday park
– jumped on trampoline, and when we got tired, stargazed while lying on the trampoline
– ate Sly’s awesome hamburgers accompanied by oddly flavored NZ chips (we ate so many bags of chips on our trip)
– woke up, got coffee, went to the nearby hot water beach, rented shovels, dug a pit, and created our own ‘hot tub’ on the beach.
– explored many beaches and coves on Coromandel Peninsula
– found our own private beach, stayed there most of the day

– lost two of my cameras when a rogue wave jumped the sand walls of the “hot tubs” dug into the sand, and swept my backpack to sea (the backpack was way up on shore, but apparently not far enough. Ugh_. Once recovered, two of my cameras were destroyed.
– stupid frenchy stole the hot tub I dug when I turned my back, and then had the gall to tell me it was her hot tub. Wrong answer, Frenchy.
– junky hot pies from a gas station
– lots of people, crowded beaches, limited parking, and our campervan got stuck on an incline, in the muddy grass. We spun our wheels and tried pushing the car for about 30 minutes before some nice tourists offered to help us push. Thank God we were able to get it unstuck.
– it was our last full day in NZP1020134P1020148P1020150

Kitty fell asleep like this!


Cathedral Cove, Hahei Beach – where we took long naps in the sand


Finally, our own private beach on Stingray Bay


Below: doused by a wave


By the end of the day, I was in better spirits. The beach has a way of always making me feel better. The ice cream Sly bought me didn’t hurt either.

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