new york photojournal

From a series of reflected images at The Met’s Egyptian wing. I guess if i think about it, this picture could be fairly symbolic. But that wasn’t really my intention.

2 kids are mesmerized by the reflections too

A statue in the Met courtyard that I took when I was bored

The modern wing at the Met. Not too impressive. I took the picture b/c I like Alexander Calder mobiles


For some reason, whenever I thought of The Met, I imagined these paintings


After the Met, I wandered around Central Park, waiting for scb to return from work

And I watched as kids sailed their little boats


I became lost in a long winding trail known as “the rambles” The sun began to set, and I started thinking of all the horror stories about women running alone/being attacked in central park. My mind started to play tricks on me when i stumbled on some clothes spread out over a series of rocks. I quickly got back to the main trail. it was way too quiet down there

Thoth. He wore a Mayan inspired costume, played the violin, danced, and sang in a pure operatic voice that reminded me of Farinelli.


And I watched as kids sailed their little boats


Quintessential Central Park Picture. I’ve seen this picture a million times on tv and in books. For some reason, it was a lot different in person.


A quiet moment at the Natural History Museum


I took this after buying tickets for Frozen at TKTS. Once again, I was trying to entertain myself while waiting for scb


Saturday. Scb’s empty bedroom. The quiet time before scb returned w/traveler’s checks, and before the movers packed all this things into his tiny soho apt


Finally I convinced scb to leave the apt. We walked along the battery park area and took a break to watch all the street artists and vendors


The seaport. We both really wanted to get lemonade that they were selling from huge barrels. I dont know why we never did


One of a million Brooklyn Bridge shots. scb told me later that he was going to come up behind me and pretend push me in, but then got all scared b/c he worried that I might accidentally drop my camera. “what would you have done,” he asked? “I dont think I would have spoken to you for a very looong time,” I answered


This is when scb became obsessed with showing me wall street and the NYSE. I really didnt care to see it, yet somehow I did anyway


scb took this picture over the heads of people who wouldn’t let us close to the railing to take a picture


Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry. At this point, the HS kids were spitting off the side of the boat and the spit was flying back–hitting the 2 bitchy girls square in the face. heh.


Infamous Belvedere castle. This was the picture I tried to take before scb made me cry. After he comforted me and apologized, I finally took this pic. Although I couldnt really focus b/c i had puffy eyes and was trying to hide it w/my sunglasses, so i couldnt really see what i was photographing


The Delacorte theatre–where we saw Shakespeare in the Park later that day


The view from atop the little rock we climbed. It took a lot of teamwork and balance to traverse the floating logs that led to the rock. This was the best part of my trip.


Tic and Tac, the street performers we watched for a very long time


Guggenheim. We didnt get to go in, but we hung around in the gift shop, discussed art, and played w/all the cool arty toys


The day I left NYC. Scb and I had lunch at Rockefeller center. It rained. A lot.


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