New Summer Dresses

Another extremely (uncharacteristically) warm weekend in San Francisco. Sly and I walked to our local diner, 2 blocks from our house, had breakfast and then window shopped on Chenery on the way back home.

It’s local business week (?) here in SF, so many of the small business owners in our neighborhood have sidewalk sales and free drinks. The neighborhood pet shop, Fritters, had a bunch of $1 bargain bin items outside. Included in the sidewalk sale items were several dresses in just the exact size of our girls. (Christine, I tried to find something for Scampy, but everything was too big!).

We bought matching flower dresses in different colors (yellow for Pandora, Pink for Sabine), in hopes of getting the girls together for their first photo shoot…together.

But first, I wanted them to try on their little Hawaiian dresses (not matching), that we also purchased at the sidewalk sale.

Pandora’s cute little blue dress with button front.
Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

Sabine’s Dress was a white tank with a tiered green Hawaiian print skirt. The dress fit her extremely long body perfectly!

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

In her Cabana, relaxing in her new threads

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

Another view of Sabine’s dress

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

For a while, things were fine. The girls behaved well in their summer attire.

And then…

Pandora turned into Pet Cemetery when she stumbled across Sabine in clothes again. Up until Pandora’s encounter with Scampy, she was fine watching Sabine get dressed up, but now when she sees her in clothes, she goes nuts.

Extreme Frump Face:

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

Even as a frumpy beast, Pandora looks so sweet in a dress.

Sabine & Pandora's Summer Dresses

I don’t know how I’m going to get those 2 together for a photoshoot, but I will keep trying.

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