My Sweet Boys + A Few Links

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In the mornings and evenings it can get to be pretty chilly around here. We still keep our windows open but sometimes it gets so windy up on the 17th floor. The other day a huge gust of wind blew over a bunch of thing in the bedroom and office, which in turn scared Max and Rufus. Next thing I knew I had two boys cuddled beside me the rest of the day. They were the perfect reading buddies.

At night, after dinner, Rufus will trod off to bed early while Max will stay up and hang out in his little corner of the room that has his favorite chair and chewed up box filled with toys. We usually wake up the next morning to find the boys stretched out on our bed like two slabs of bacon, taking up as much room as possible, and reluctant to start the day. That is until they hear me in the kitchen. Then it’s a mad rush to claim the “treat stool” and constant meowing, head butting, and paw tapping until they are fed.

PS: Pandora is still with her grandparents in Atlanta, living the best life of all of us as a spoiled princess kitty.

Unrelated — here are a few links I have been loving lately:

  • Yummy Books — A friend sent me this link and I nearly squealed because it combines two of my favorite things: books and food. This blog features recipes taken from popular literature. When I first heard of this blog I immediately searched for raspberry cordial from Anne of Green Gables. Yup, it was on there. Such a fun read. Definitely will be checking out the new cookbook.
  • Miniature food in a box that you ‘cook’ and eat — I love mini food anything so when my brother sent me this link I was immediately intrigued. Even more fascinating/bizarre is that you can EAT what you make, and according to the guy on YouTube, it tastes just like burgers/fries/coke. No way. This past weekend I saw these food boxes at the store (in the candy section). I’m very curious.
  • Hipster Barbie on Instagram — this is so awesome, so true. I can’t believe how dead on this is, down to the attire and poses. (Also the nerd in me that loves miniature anything is going eeeeeee!) I think that it’s normal to imitate — consciously or subconsciously — what you like, and honestly everyone can’t always generate new content all of the time. We’re all most likely borrowing it from someone or somewhere. But I think there IS a difference between doing/photographing something solely because you see it on someone else’s feed vs doing something you truly enjoy like taking photos/camping/hiking etc. While we’re on the topic, can we all please agree to stop doing the girlfriend leading boyfriend from the boyfriend’s POV pose though? Please.
  • The bride who photographed her own wedding — In contrast to what I wrote above — a totally simple and beautiful and nontraditional idea (that will probably be copied and re-posted a million times over). What I love most about photography is it’s ability to capture an exact moment and tell a story. When I look at the photos of this wedding, I am totally immersed in their very special day. No corny posed photos of things like trashing the dress or people jumping in the air or sitting on train tracks. These photos are so intimate, sweet, and refreshing to me. They also make me want a Fuji X-T10.
  • Hitler declaring war, in color — the colorizing history feed on reddit is one of my faves. I always think of pre-1960s in terms of black and white photos., and while I love black and white photography, seeing a photo like this in color really blows my mind. It has a whole different kind of power in color.
  • A curated Amazon – Wanelo / Fab meets Amazon. Whoa. Outside of being a big time Amazon consumer, from a design perspective, it’s interesting to me how changing how one interfaces with Amazon also changes the shopping experience. I would never even think to search for some of these items on the regular AMZ site.
  • Mid-century house for sale – I’ll take one of these, please
  • Wolf Dog! — I’ll take one of these too.
  • Pixel Kitties — A pixel artist creates amazing pixel animations that look like retro old-school Nintendo games. Many of the animations feature kitties but many depict Japanese snippets of life. I could stare at these for hours.
  • cardboard america — I saved the best for last — a treasury of vintage Americana postcards on flickr (also on tumblr). I have been drawn to vintage postcards since I was a kid when I discovered a bunch of my dad’s old 1950s/60s postcards. Since then I have collected vintage postcards (and at one time I had a blog about them). I love the colors, the beautiful handwriting, the recollection of a happy memory from one person to another, and the snapshot of America from a time and place that now only exists in memory. All contained in a tiny rectangle of paper. I love sifting through postcards in flea markets and reading those long lost messages. I especially gravitate towards the “boring” ones that document hotels, cafeterias, strip malls, drive thrus, camp sites, and other mundane aspects of American life. When I travel I always keep my eyes peeled for newer (boring) postcards, usually best found at some old gas station in the middle of nowhere. I still really love sending and receiving postcards. Written snail mail is such a lost art form. PS, if you like postcards, especially ‘boring ones” you will love this book. I have both the USA and German version, though I think a UK version also exists. Need.

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