must. get. sleep.

im a walking zombie. stayed up all night tossing, turning, and considering options. naturally, it didn’t get me any further than where I was before I started panicking.

the plus side: i do have many options available and many very helpful and reassuring friends.
the negative side: until I know for sure what’s going on, I’ll be mildly to agressively stressed. I apologize in advance.

An old HS friend is coming to visit this weekend–it was a last-minute surprise from her husband to celebrate her 30th bday in napa valley (complete with dinner at french laundry!)–I’m excited to catch up as the last time I saw her I was crying at her wedding. Let’s just put it this way–i never cry at weddings. Something about hers made me shed a few tears.

So maybe this week is shitty only because next week will be better. I get to see 2 old friends (one this upcoming sunday, the other next weekend) who I love love love and get to celebrate and share a little bit of their birthdays with them.

It could be worse.

And NG is in town this weekend (lucky him, he gets me on the shit week). I’m glad for it thought. It will be nice to have that comfort and sense of stability. See? Im not all anti-commital gf material.

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