must be my lucky day

hmm…there was no traffic today…all the parking garages were closed…its weird because it was like a ghost town this morning when usually people are going to wor….waiiiittt…that’s right. For most people, its a holiday. For the 3rd Reich…well, we have to work…

I have to get out of here. Its not an option. This place is killing me.

But my boss’ haircut brought a smile to my face. I had to bite my lip to keep from smirking the entire time. It looks like this:

its proof she’s gone off the deep end.


In other news –


went out this weekend – albeit for a very short time – to hang w/my coworker, the bulldog, for his bday shindig. We met up w/other coworkers and a bunch of the bulldog’s friends, first at element, then at this asian club called Alpha. Our rule was – if we don’t see any guys worth seeing, then we’re outta there.

We walked into Element, found the bulldog, then C got hit on by this guy we thought was a friend of the bulldogs. He was alright, but it was weird bc we both thought he was a friend of the bulldog, but turned out they had just met in the bathroom line.

Moving on…crowd was so so. Some guy felt up my arm as I walked past the dance floor. We didnt stay too long, but we did get to meet up w/some ex co-workers – Opie and his girl. I’ll call him Opie bc hes very much got that small-town thing going for him, which is refreshing. When he first started working w/us, we would laugh at him every single day bc of something he didnt know, or some comment he made about his hometown. Fast forward months later, and all of a sudden he’s a food conniseur…anyway, I’ve always liked the kid…he was bitter his first day of working with us. He’s been with his gf for like 4 yrs now, and shes also really sweet (and from Japan). We’re always begging opie to come out with us so we can corrupt him, but now that I finally got to meet his gf, I want them to stay together…

But I digress…opie and his girl were there, and his gf was saying, “omg, im SO glad to finally meet you!” Then she saw C and said, “You were at C2C too? Thats SO COOL!!! Ive heard so much about you two.” It was funny how the legend of C2C is slowly spreading across this town. Heh. I met up w/one of Giselle’s friends that night who said the same thing. I must say – its very inspiring to know we have a fan base…heh.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that Opie has a roomie who is apparently prime for the picking. He’s young. Check. Just moved to SF. Check (gotta get ’em before they turn into money hungry yuppies who work in fidi) and according to Opie’s gf, hes very cute. We’ll see – he’s tall, dark hair/eyes, and is outdoorsy. Went to school in colorado. Is an architect. This is very intriguing indeed…As I said to C – “He’s at the most vulnerable stage right now. He’s wanting to meet people. He hasnt been corrupted by this town yet…he’s still so young…perfect…”

Now…is he going to be cute is another story.

Honestly, I have no idea if I would be his type. Not that I want a bf or whatever, but you know, white boys can be finicky. Sometimes they like the blonde sorority types. And then, of course, there’s the whole fact that I have the potential to eat him alive. One false move and he’s done…

I think the plan is for happy hr sometime soon. I’m very curious…

C and I ended the night a bit boozy and at Safeway to get some late night snacks. Too bad 2 stoners followed us all through the grocery store, asking C, “Hey, do you have my weed?” and saying, “Hey, hows it going,” to me. At one point, we had to stop and hide behind the waffles. creepy.

…more updates to come…

on the agenda:

bachelorette party (finally!)
C’s and my weekend in tahoe (can somebody say spring break?

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