Mornings with Max

Max's daily morning photo

basking in the warmth of the portable heater

Max loves sleeping with us as night, in the most awkward of places. The other night, he slept on my back (I was lying on my stomach), which his tiny head wedged into my shoulder. Usually, he likes to run around and grumble at around 3 a.m. before settling back down to sleep. He’s been pretty good about not doing that lately.

Pandora is slowly testing the waters, and will now come into the bedroom in the mornings and meow like crazy, then try to snuggle up with us…until she spots Max, at which point, she’ll get extremely grumpy, hiss, swat at his head, and then eat his kitten food. Two nights ago, she jumped on top of our side table, activating Sly’s phone. She sat on top of his phone, with the glow of the screen illuminating her face from the underside, like a ghost, or someone telling a ghost story. Super creepy. Despite all that has been happening in the wee hours of the morning, it’s still so fun to wake up to little Max, biting our toes, and wanting to play first thing in the morning. I’m trying to soak up as much of his time as a kitten that we have.  Frog legs

frog legs

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