more of the same

scb has been more or less held hostage at my place since tuesday. heh. at last (conservativly speaking) count, he had 4 pairs of pants, 6-8 long sleeved shirts, 5 pairs of shoes, 2 backpacks, 2 sweaters, 3 pairs of shorts, 3-4 tshirts, and a leather jacket. This is in addition to the toothbrush he’s been keeping here for the past month.

we didnt do much on saturday. went to golden gate park and sat near a tree and read and frolicked and were generally gay. later that night, we baked cookies and attempted to watch JFK.

sunday we did what we always seem to love to do on a sunday: long breakfast, nytimes, hanging out in a park. We had brunch at Angelina’s, a nearby cafe, and then sat outside and read. Actually, scb read some thick buisness oriented newspaper, while I was generally annoying and distracted. And still hungry. Scb walked across the street and bought me a basket of strawberries to pacify me. It worked.

Mid-day, we walked along Fillmore street. If I said it once, Ive said it a million times: you can live in this city for a pretty long time, and still never see all there is to see. It was scb’s first time to walk along fillmore street. Coincindentally, there was some street fair thing going on–complete with live street bands playing dixieland type music, and restaurants handing out cups of sangria (is that legal?) along w/food samples. scb and I had fun checking out the restaurants we planned to visit (sigh) and going inside all the trendy home shops, where scb blabbered about needing such and such for his nyc apt. blah.

i started to feel really tired (always tired for some reason) but we had to go to scb’s friends bbq. bbq was kinda lame, but scb’s friends were okay cool. scb’s roomie, A, found a neglected bag of weird sushi rice wrapped in seaweed and started juggling them. all of a sudden, the riceballs were the hottest commodity. We didnt stay long–just long enough for me to hobnob w/the bbq ringleader–who also works at some design firm. scb kept pushing me to network with him, but augh! embarrassing! stop acting like my mom, scb! let me handle it the way i want to handle is, sheesh!

to finish off our typical sunday, we watched sopranos, as usual. i ended up eating too much (as usual) and convinced scb to take an evening stroll with me. we walked to baker beach, which was closed. I found another way inside, and we snuck past the gates to get to the beach. The full moon was surprisingly bright, and cast a bluish glow over everything. scb and I sat at the deserted beach, watching the waves, the cars driving around Mt. Tam’s swirly roadways, the lights flickering on the golden gate bridge, and the ships coming and going. We shared memories of when we were kids. I told him how the stillness of the night, comforted me. And how being at the beach, especially alone, made me feel like everything was so much bigger than me.

I also saw a shooting star that night. But you know what they say–if i mentioned what i wished for, then it wont come true…

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