more drinking

Woke up at 10am with a hoarse, scratchy voice and a minor headache. Surprisingly, while the idea of going to napa was the last thing I wanted to do last night, this morning, it sounded quite nice. Of course, it didnt hurt that it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

DJ and the bulldog came over and we meandered our way to napa. We all drank lots of bottled water, and attempted to read a map. I ended up tossing the map to the backseat and tried navigating based on memory. Luckily, Napa is easy to find.

And even though DJ has lived in the Bay Area half his life, he has never been wine tasting (!!!!!!!!) We started off at V. Sattui–the site of many a drunken picnic–and sampled some of the tri-tip sandwiches they had going on the grill. A very relaxed black cat made friends with us and ended up following us around and sleeping near our feet while we ate our lunch.

Afterwards, we sampled all the wines, got a little buzz, bought some cheeses etc from the deli, drank more wine, scoped out the girls (boys were obsolete), and then head off for the next winery.

We sampled a few wines from smaller wineries, getting pretty fucking drunk along the way. I was the designated driver, so I had to cut myself off after about glass #9. Lord oh lord did I ever have a wine headache.

Surprisingly (what is w/this magical tolerance all of a sudden??) I was able to shake it off with a ton of water, and continue the drinking into the 4th and 5th wineries. We ended up at Coppola. I’m not a big fan of their wine, but its a good place to take someone, and their dipping olive oil pretty much rules. We sampled some of that at the dipping oil bar while putting each other (and each others’ moms down) much to the entertainment of our server, and all walked away w/a $20 bottle of dipping oil.

We winded down with an amazing cup of coffee matched w/a bar of dark scheffenberger chocolate, while sitting out in the patio amongst the tree lined avenues and refreshingly nice fountains. It was there that we basically exchanged waaay too much info about each other in terms of relationships…um yeah…it was pretty cool.

And then we drove home, blasting our new favorite hair band station while screaming/singing along at the top of our lungs.

Came home and there were about 90 people in my apt. The boys and I went to the rooftop deck and talked for a bit, then decided to go to Spicez II. My god the food there is hot. We were only on 1 peppers and the bulldog and dj were sweating profusely. I swear to god chili oil was coming out of my tear ducts. At any rate, its a rare find in this city–2 people who can tolerate truly spicy food.

Had a great time with the boys. Its kind of weird in a way that its just me and 2 of them. I dont know how I feel about being “one of the boys.” Whatever. We have a good dynamic.

Napa was great, I must say. Lots of memories there. And now, I finally have one that is not linked to an ex-boyfriend.

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