May Date Night #1: AYCE Crawfish Boil

AYCE crawfish boilAYCE crawfish boil

Honestly, we’ve been sorta slacking on date nights this month since we have been trying to eat a little more on the healthy side and since we mostly plan everything around food.

Sly’s coworker tipped him off on Thursday night all you can eat Vietnamese style crawfish boil at Spicy Bar and Grill.  At first we were skeptical because we are something of crawfish boil experts having grown up near the Gulf and also because Viet style crawfish can get too heavy on the chili oil. I’ll spare you the nuances of crawfish boils. This one was delicious. 35 bucks, all you can eat, huge crawfish, tasty garlic chili sauce, and lots of it. I wish I could have eaten even more, but we kind of wimped out after 8lbs. Next time.

Update 11/16/15: This restaurant was featured on Restaurant: Impossible and has since closed.

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