march 16, 2005

going to studio tomorrow. blah. kind of dont want to go b/c its somewhat calm at work this week, and I just want to sit back in my uncomfortable chair and internet window shop w/my girly coworkers.

did i ever mention that dorky john lennon has the same phonetic name as scb? its pretty weird having to say that name again. is life trying to torture me or something?

tomorrow=st. pattys day block party downtown. my coworkers and i are supposed to meet up after work and drink some green beer. My roomie, R, told me it was really cool last year. The strange thing is i remember exactly what scb and I were doing last year, this time. Weird I remember such an insignificant day.

Anyway, according to R, there were a ton of cute guys at this thing last year. I remain skeptical until proven otherwise. Besides, lets say therewere cute guys–like they would ever have the balls to talk to me. Especially since I’ll be flanked by my boys, aka my coworkers.

but then who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll get lucky.
har. har.

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