march 14, 2005

March 14, 2005

first day back at work for an extended amount of time since ive been away at photo. man, everyone really got on my nerves today…then i looked around and realized the problem(s) were being caused by boys and their inability to pay attention to detail. at least the ones i work with anyway. drives me nuts.

anyway, thank god for the return of Miss M (back from vacation; was housesitting her place). We spent a good hour or so catching up and holding a bitchfest. she thanked me again for housesitting and said that she wanted to take me and the other person who housesitted out for dinner. Miss M mentioned inviting this other person and her girlfriend…In other words, Miss M and her husband, the friend and her date…and me. Nice. Odd girl out.

why is the whole couples thing such an exclusive club. I know they are trying to include me, but like i really like being the 5th wheel. everyone gets to be all lovey dovey and hand holdy at dinner, while I get to push peas around on my plate. sounds like a blast!

back to working out again–been on a brief hiatus. still have yet to meet a guy at the gym.

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