Goodbye, Demon

Well, Demon is gone. She went in peace with Marc and I close by. No more pain and suffering. She deteriated so fast in one day. In the morning she could walk and jump to a coffee table, the buffet, then the kitchen counter when I fed her. (I noticed she couldn’t jump to the bar chair) and she meowed loud, looking down to the floor (in pain, I think) after she licked all the gravy from the can food. I guessed it’s the time so I called the doctor at school. Dr. Simms was off. When I got home in PM she couldn’t walk, limp, half of her size, and couldn’t make a sound. However she was awake all day to the last minute. (unsual) We wrapped her in Marc favorite old quilt, and he held her to the doctor. We didn’t use the case because she couldn’t move any way.

We burried her in the garden with the blanket and in a Christmas popcorn can so she will always near by. We will always miss her!


October 1993 – March 13,2008

Demon was our favorite cat growing up. We loved all our cats, but she was just really special–the runt of the litter with a dirty nose (always dirty), who had so much personality, spunk, and of course, attitude. She feared nothing. She would wait silently on a stake-out for my dog to pass by, and then run and jump on her back. Her meow was loud and annoying. She would growl at you if you pet her too long, held her too long, or didnt give her what she wanted exactly the way she wanted it. At dinnertime, she would reach up onto your plate and swat at what she wanted. And yet, through all the attitude, she was such a loving and loyal companion–keeping my dad company when he was up late at night, and waiting patiently by his door when he was asleep. When my dad passed away, she roamed the house meowing for him.

She remained this way up until the very end. Even though she had advanced cancer, she was still herself until just recently, when we decided to put her to sleep and put her out of her misery.

It’s very sad to watch another member of my family deteriorate and then pass away. It definitely will not be the same without her.

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