Making up

We came home from Brunch on Sunday and peered into our study. The door was half-opened and we saw Sabine sleeping on her favorite chair. At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary.

I nudged the door open just a little bit more, and saw this:
Finally acting like sisters

And my heart just melted!

Almost a year later, and they can finally sleep within a foot of each other…and without us being there to monitor!

Sabine seems pleased, although Pandora looks a bit reluctant to admit that she enjoys Sabine’s company.

Last night, we noticed Sabine acting strange. She kept walking into the living room, then back to the hallway, then to the living room, back to the hallway. She did this several times, the first few times she seemed as if she was searching for Pandora as she walked through the kitchen, peered up into her treehouse to look through the window, jumped down, sniffed around Pandora’s ledge, then went back to the hallway.

Finally, we went to the hallway to see what Sabine was doing, and we realized the door was wide open! (we have issues with our front door closing-even when you think its securely shut, it will swing wide open).

Pandora had escaped! We called and called and called for her, finally finding her under a car out front.

Meanwhile, Sabine waited patiently for her sister to come home.
Waiting for Pandora to come home
While we were searching for Pandora, Sabine stayed behind and watched the house. So cute, that one.

Waiting for Pandora to come home

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