magic dress

what the hell is with this dress?

First, office crush comments on it.
Then pretty much everyone in my office, girl, guy, and gay guys.
We walk to lunch and someone whistles at me.
I ride the train home and a guy in the metro station stops and says, “Oh my god, you are so beautiful.”
On the train, this weird punky guy sits way too close to me. I’m pushed up in front of the window and shifting uncomfortably hoping he will take the hint, but he has one hand almost on my leg and one hand propping up his head, staring straight at me–the whole way home.
Walking home from the muni stop, a guy stops his car, slows down, pulls up beside me and says, “hey, can I tell you something?” Uh, sure. “I just want to say you look good in that dress.” Um, thank you? “Sure.” Drives off.
10 seconds later, another car slows. Guys catcall out window.
1 minute later, I pass a construction site. 2 guys stop their conversation and stare.

What the hell is wrong with people today?
Weather turns warm. I wear a dress. People go crazy.

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