Lazy weekend

My favorite kind of dinner #charcuterie #onthetable #cheeseandcrackers #cheese #salami #cheeseplate

Not much to report from this weekend. Sly bought a bunch of cheese and salami as we were planning on having a picnic at our recently discovered winery on Friday or Saturday, but the weather never seemed quite warm or sunny enough. Instead we had tea lattes at our nearest Barnes & Noble/Starbucks cafe, browsed through books, picked up some more provisions at Whole Foods, and literally spent the rest of the weekend holed up in our den with the kitties watching junky tv marathons (Opposite Worlds, King of the Nerds), stupid comedies (Anchorman 2), and awesome documentaries (The Crash Reel). We don’t usually watch so much tv, but sometimes we need super lazy weekends like these.

In other news, there are finally signs of Spring everywhere! Too bad it’s supposed to snow again this week.

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