lazy rainy sunday

rainy sunday


The hubs and I both love “crappy” weather. People that live in places with real “crappy” weather (like the PacNorthwest) always try to convince us that if we lived in a place where the sun only came out ten times a year that we’d actually hate it.

But I lived on the foggy side of SF for years and I loved it. People that lived in sunnier parts, or in warmer parts across the bay, would always laughingly ask me, “how’s the fog over there?” Like it was some joke. Joke was on them though because those were my favorite types of days: dark, cold, foggy, rainy days.

This was the first time in months that it was cool enough to open our windows. We spent the weekend doing rainy day things: watching stupid movies, drinking tea, planning trips, cooking and just hanging with our fuzzy little babies.

p.s. I finally got to use the lovely Heath teacups that were given to us as a wedding gift. They sort of match a tea kettle that my dad gave me many Christmases ago — it was the kind of gift where I said, ‘gee, thanks Dad’ but now treasure so much. It hasn’t fared well in my many moves (the tip broke off), but I love it even more for its imperfections. Teapots are always better when they have character.

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