Kitty Garden

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This past winter the kitties enjoyed an indoor garden when we had to bring all our potted plants indoors because of the weather. Max ate an heirloom rose that had been transplanted from my Grandma’s garden, to my Aunt’s, and then to mine. So this Spring I told the kitties that I would get them an organic garden of their own.

Even though I grew up with a house full of animals, I didn’t know until somewhat recently that many foods and plants were toxic to cats. I knew the obvious ones, like lilies, but I had no idea there was such a long list.

We ended up planting them a pot of cat grass on one deck, and a cat-friendly herb garden on the other — mint, parsley, basil, lavender, catnip and mini roses (rosa species). We don’t let them out on the herb garden balcony often because they love catnip a bit too much (and really this is the only plant other than the grass that they are drawn to), but they do enjoy a bite of grass from the plant on the other deck from time to time. Especially Max who would probably be a vegetarian if we would let him.

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