Pandora has been non-stop Pet Cemetery (PC) for the past couple of weeks. Sabine will see PC, stop, then stare at me with big eyes as if to say, “what did I do wrong, Mom?”

Every time Pandora passes by Sabine’s door, she makes a point to taunt Sabine. Either she will stop and pull her PC routine, or she will get on her hind legs and rattle the door. I’m confused as to why Pandora, who is so scared of Sabine, would try to taunt her.

Since the cats take turns in the main living areas, this time it was Pandoras turn to be out and about, and Sabine’s turn to chill in her pet sanctuary (i.e. our bedroom). We decided to open the door, and sit on the inside between the 2 cats to comfort and encourage them. Sly sat closer to Pandora, and I sat closer to Sabine, petting her.

First 15 minutes, Pandora sat in front of the door and threw a temper tantrum. It wasn’t *quite* pet cemetery, but it was pretty close. Meaning, she was meowing and groaning like a baby, but she wasn’t hissing. Sabine sat in her tree house, staring at Pandora, but not really scared staring, just concerned. I kept petting her and comforting her, and same with Pandora.

Finally, Pandora crossed the threshold and stepped into Sabine’s room. Sabine did not seem alarmed at all, more curious and concerned. Pandora was a little shaky, but she started exploring the space.

After a couple of minutes, we distracted Pandora by using toy, and then led her out of the room. I praised Pandora and then fed her.

Later that night, for the first time since she moved here, Pandora snuggled with us on the couch! She has also (knock on wood) stopped hissing (still does a creepy meow, but Ive found that distracting her w/a toy when she does this, works, as long as I am not aggressive w/the toy).

Next step is to start having food placed near the door threshold. And then eventually, put treats in opposite ends of the room so they are in the same room eating. And then…fingers crossed. Both cats seem to be very food-motivated, so I’m hoping this works.

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